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Wedding Season

It's wedding season! That means it's time to start finding the perfect dress (or dresses) to showcase during this event.

While I don't know anyone getting married this year, found the perfect fabric at Mood and could not resist purchasing some. The fabric is called Ivory Bouquet Toss Cotton Jersey

For this event season I sewed McCall's pattern #M7429, a twist-front dress with collar and sleeves. This dress is form fitting but very forgiving with the twist at the waist. As you may have noticed, I have made this dress before as featured in my Warhol x Whitney event post. This dress is so nice I had to make it twice! And maybe even a third time.

What I did notice this time around was since I was using a directional fabric, I had to be more mindful of which way my pattern pieces were being cut. And pattern piece #2, the front panel of the left skirt, was not marked with the correct direction. If you are using a fabric like this, I preferred to flip the pattern piece around so that the skirt panel was facing the right way. The tricky part is that the piece wraps around and does flip upside down at the top, but it is much less noticeable than a skirt panel facing the wrong way.


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