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Refinery29 - 29Rooms (Part 2)

29Rooms came back in 2019 for just two short weeks from December 6-15, 2019. This time back on Kent Ave in Brooklyn.

Last year's pop-up was a great experience, they had a warehouse full of 29 unique and creative room designs; each with interactive and immersive experiences. This year, however, was strung together with pieces and rooms left over, some were even the exact same rooms as last year. Some didn't even constitute as rooms at all.

However, even with this disappointing second go-around, I still enjoyed myself and spent an evening out in NYC.

For the event I created a jacket using Simplicity S8700; a misses jacket with tons of pattern hacking options. If you've seen my Mood Fabric Haul then you will know the fabric that I am talking about - Mood Exclusive Winter White Mono No Aware Stretch Cotton Sateen. I love this fabric print; it has cute jacket tech flats and floral motifs scattered around. The print is so unique and fun that I had to buy extra.

Due to the nature of the fabric and the choice of pattern, this garment has fondly been known as my Jacket Jacket. If I got anything out of this experience, it was my new favorite garment!

Scroll down to see how it turned out:


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