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U.S. Open

It's that time of year again... the U.S Open Tennis Championship! Happening in my backyard of Queens, New York. Growing up I learned how to play tennis during summer tennis camps. While not the most coordinated when it comes to hitting a target, I have loved to play tennis.

To celebrate this event I found the perfect fabric at Mood Fabrics Red/White/Blue Tennis Racquet Printed Organic Cotton Shirting fabric. The fabric is lightweight and vibrant in color. The fabric holds its shape really well, ideal for pleats.

The pattern I chose is McCall's #M7844 misses pleated skirt view A. I made a few modifications. The first is I chose to omit the elastic in the waistband to create a more clean, crisp look with my cotton fabric. So instead I of elastic I added a light interfacing to keep the waistband stable. Without the elastic I had a lot of extra fabric but decided not to let it go to waste. Instead I wrapped the extra fabric around and snapped it closed with 3 extra large snaps. That way I can move and play in this skirt without the fear of it flying open.

Don't mind me, I'll just be practicing my tennis moves....


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