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Met Gala 2019

Updated: May 27, 2019

The first Monday in May is the fashion event of the year... the Met Gala. This year the Met Gala is being held on Monday, May 6 and the theme is Camp. What is "camp"? The Metropolitan has a great clip on the history of the definition which can be viewed on their website here.

Fashion Hags also discuss the definition and explore the possibilities of costumes they hope to see on the red carpet at the event tomorrow in their latest podcast.

Camp can loosely be described as the extravagance, outlandish-ness, and irony of character and dress. It can be seen in Moschino's creativity in taking an ordinary object such as a bouquet of roses and making a giant rose-bouquet to wear.

Months ago I found Mood Fabrics had the perfect fabric called The Met Gala in Paris available in pink and gray in cotton sateen. I knew I had to make my own dress for this event!

The pattern is from McCall's #M7740 - I used the top view D but I drafted my own circle skirt (with pockets!) for the dress. This dress is fully lined and features three bow-ties and open back.

For the skirt I drafted a full circle skirt, but because of the direction of the print, I decided to cut the pattern in half in order for the print to be facing (more or less) the same direction. That meant I had to cut 4 of these skirt panels, I was able to fit all the pattern pieces with 3 yards of fabric. If only by the skin of my teeth.

What I didn't intend on was the perfect irony of making a Met Gala Dress dress. Do you think Anna Wintour would approve of my Camp dress?

P.S. In honor of the Met Gala, check out my posts all throughout this month called Museum May where I showcase photos i've taken at fashion exhibitions all over the globe.


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