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Valentines Day

I LOVE prints. So any special holiday is an extra excuse to wear fabulous (and sometimes kitschy) prints. For this Valentines Day I was looking for a special Valentines Day-themed fabric to use to make my date night dress. However, all I found were childish or boring and cliche heart prints. So, I decided to design my own print.

I used photos of roses that I had taken in the springtime from around my neighborhood last year and cut them out using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. And with the help of my iPad and Adobe Drawing App I was able to draw custom outlines and shadows to create a pop art effect. Using I was able to print my custom-designed print on any quality of fabric and for any amount of yards.

For this dress I chose to print on Performance Piqué - a lightweight but durable knit fabric. Great for knit dresses or athletic wear. 

I sewed Maggy London's Butterick pattern #B6054 - a classic pleated wrap dress. The dress featured a long wrap-around tie that comes through a slit on the side of the dress, a self binding along the neckline, and the front of the skirt has several pleats right next to the waistline, to create a beautiful drape on the top overlay of the skirt. The dress was very flattering and comfortable. I did add a snap to the center front to ensure that the dress would stay closed. 

Now I printed 2 yards of fabric (for a 60" wide fabric) and sewed up a size 16 dress just as the back of the package states. However, Spoonflower prints fabrics in a little different width; the fabric was printed on a 57" stretch knit. While it was workable, it was a little tough to squeeze in the long ties and long binding needed for the dress. My advice would be to print an extra half yard if the pattern states a 60" width just to be safe.

Also, it is good to note that Spoonflower not only lets you customize the type of fabric that you would like printed, you can also adjust the repeat layout and size of the print. Under the "repeat" boxes you will see "Design Size Change DPI". You can click on "Change DPI" to manually enter in what you would like to change it to, or you can click on the "smaller" or "bigger" buttons to easily change the size. This allows you to make the print larger or smaller depending on what you are making with the fabric. I printed this print at 489dpi. 

To purchase this printed fabric for yourself, check out my print "Pop Roses" at

You can also check out my other prints at my shop


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