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St. Patricks Day 2020

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This year is a little different; with all the bars closed and the annual NYC Parade cancelled, the only thing to do is celebrate at home.

Even though I can't go out, I chose to make myself a garment for the holiday! I purchased this fabric from JoAnn Fabrics last spring. This fabric has been such a popular choice. I've seen so many other sewers use it in other colors. I don't often get to JoAnn's anymore but when I came across it, I knew I needed to get it. Buy it before you regret it!

I purchased 2 yards of the Specialty Cotton 3D Circle Embroidered in Avocado and it has sat in my stash until now. Since most fabric stores are closed, I shopped my fabric stash for this year's something-green.

When I saw the fabric I knew immediately what I wanted to make..... to learn more about the pattern, stay tuned.


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