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Updated: May 31, 2019

What is Sew Frosting?

I am new to the sewing blog/ Instagram community and I just recently came upon the Love To Sew podcast. In episode 70 they discuss the trending hashtag Sew Frosting.

During this episode they explain how the Instagram community of #sewists or #sewcialists often have competitions and trending hashtags for the community to participate in.

One of the trending hashtags has been #SewFrosting. They explain that "cake" in terms of sewing is sewing something basic, both in terms of fabric choice and patterns, for everyday wear. Sew "frosting" is what you make that you wouldn't wear everyday. Maybe its a bright colorful top or fun printed dress that puts you out of your comfort zone. Or maybe its a gown for a special event. Either way sew frosting is supposed to be fun and creative and pushes you out of your comfort zone of solid colors and neutral prints.

After listening to this episode, I had my Ah-ha! moment. I realized that sewing for me, is about sewing things that are fun and sometimes quirky. I am drawn to fun prints and bright colors whenever I am fabric shopping. I am not afraid of wearing colors and prints in my everyday wardrobe. Which means: I am always sewing "frosting". And sewing "cake" to me, means stepping out of my comfort zone and toning down my choice in fabrics.

I still love to sew dresses and shirts the most, and will never stop making these. However, after this realization I have been consciously thinking of how I could push myself to rethink my sewing ideas, and make clothing that is more work appropriate. I would love to start wearing my #memade clothing on an everyday basis.

But I will always love sewing frosting.


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