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Minerva - Sky Blue Sweater

Hello! ElinEstelle here.

I made my very first sweater, and guess what? It was super easy! The fear of the unknown can be hard to overcome, but this open-weave knit fabric was super easy to sew with.

Using this beautiful light blue sweater knit from Minerva was a no-brainer. Using Simplicity Patterns S8738 #s8738 #simplicity8738 made a perfect match. Cutting view A, I added 4" to the hemline and turned under the hemline 1" and the sleeves 3.5". With an extra long sleeve, I was able to roll the cuff to create a cute detail.

Speaking of cute details, I found a beautiful rhinestone bow shank button from Hobby Lobby to finish off the sweater. I think I may add more buttons to the shoulder seam, or even the neckline... what do you think?


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