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My Favorite: Sewing Supplies

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

1. Scissors

Fabric scissors are an important part of any sewing room. So are thread cutters. I love my unicorn snippers to use for cutting my threads.

2. Pin Cushion

Pins are important when cutting out patterns, but what I love is my pin cushion. I love to use my Victoria's Secret PINK puppy dog as a cute and easy-to-find pin cushion.

3. Pattern Weights

When the fabric is delicate and pins are not an option, I love to use my donut pattern weights that were handmade by OhSewQuaint on Etsy. While the shop may be closed, there are similar items available on the marketplace.

4. Presser Feet

When sewing, presser feet can be your best friend. Did you know there is a presser foot specifically for PVC? Do you have a presser foot for an invisible zipper and/ or a metal zipper? Instead of worrying about buying each of these (though they can be found individually at City Sewing) I found Madam Sew has all of these presser feet and more in their 32 Presser Feet box kit. I cannot express how much this has changed my outlook on different fabrics. There are feet in there that I didn't even know I needed. If you are going to purchase anything for your sewing kit, this should be your first pick.

5. Sewing Machines

In order to use the presser feet you will need a sewing machine! I use the Janome Heavy Duty HD1000 for my everyday use and the Janome #8050 computerized machine for my buttonholes and decorative stitching. My very first machine was bought for me by my Grandma and it was the Janome #3125, now being manufactured as a Hello Kitty-branded machine. If you want to learn more about different types of sewing machines check out Happy DIY: Best Sewing Machines for Beginners to start.


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