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My Favorite: Books

This is my most recent and most favorite book. You Are a Badass talks about finding happiness from yourself and working on external goals through positivity and determination. I love the way this author breaks down the simple concept of manifesting energy that more famous books such as Ask And You Are Given by Abraham and Hicks discuss.

A living legend in the fashion industry: Diane von Furstenberg is a positive and influential role model not only in the fashion business but in advocacy for women. In her biography she talks about her past as a royalty living all over Europe but her name isn't what defines her. Diane is a woman of integrity and it really shows in her book; she is a true woman of her word and is always striving to help others.

Having worked at Donna Karan, I was interested to learn more about the woman behind the brand. Donna Karan's biography is a story of hard work and determination. After being let go by Anne Klein herself, she sets out to prove that she meant to be a designer. Her life living and working in the NYC fashion industry is one that really connected with me.

As part of a book club, Becoming by Michelle Obama was a book that I was excited to get my hands on. Though very long, Michelle is another woman of integrity and determination. Her triumphs are only a reflection of her selflessness and character. Having grown up in the midwest I really connected with her and could empathize with her struggle to keep true to herself through hard times.


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