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Mother's Day 2019

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

This year I decided to make it special by making my gift for my mom. Since I've moved away from home in Des Moines, Iowa I strive to make holidays more special since I can't be there in person.

I found the perfect fabric at JoAnn's - Specialty Cotton Embroidered Fabric Blue and White Stripe and sent my mom a few shirt patterns to choose from. She chose Butterick pattern #B6666

I loved this skirt pattern, however there was a typo on View C for the lace. The neckline is supposed to have lace all along the seam, but the package said to get 1/2 yard of lace... which was no where no enough. I estimated it to be more like 3 yards of lace. So unfortunately, I did not get to put lace on the top I made for my mom. But it still turned out cute!

1/2 yard of lace trim was not enough for View C

I also made myself a matching dress using the same fabric and Simplicity pattern #8551. I made View D of this dress, without the grommets and tie. The fabric was thin, and with the eyelet embroidery, I decided to line both the skirt and bodice of the dress with a lightweight ivory charmeuse.

Happy Mother's Day! From my Mom and I to you:


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