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Minerva Crafts: Lemur Cotton

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to create another post for Minerva Crafts. This time I chose a fun blush floral print quilting cotton. And the best part is the lemurs! This quilting cotton has cute gray lemurs with their black and white striped tails. They add a pop of print and interest amongst the tropical leaves and flowers.

The pattern I chose for this fabric is McCall’s pattern #M7889 view A: a loose-fitting top with a front button closure, pleats along the front and back waistline, bias-cut back and shoulder yokes, and a short sleeve.

This pattern is perfect for this stiffer quilting cotton. The fabric presses really well with the pleats, hems and neckline. Check out my previous blog post to learn more about the qualities of quilting cotton. The print is a beautiful, soft blush-ground with soft greens, purple, pink, gray and brown colors. This fabric is one-directional as the lemurs are all facing upward, so the addition of the bias-cut yokes break up the direction of the print and create interest...

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