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How To: Recycle Clothing & Fabrics

Who has been watching the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix?

I know I have, and I've been #mariekondo-ing my old clothes. I have so many bags of old shirts, dresses and pants that I need to 'thank' right on out of my apartment. I have also been collecting all the scraps of fabric from the projects i've been working on.

Do you know of places besides Goodwill and the Salvation Army that will take donations?

Well here are a few alternatives for you to donate your old clothing and fabric:

     Located in Brooklyn, New York - you can recycle fabric scraps, cuttings, headers, clothing samples, muslins, bolts/ yardage, or any other unwanted excess fabric. And you can purchase any recycled scraps or yardages for only $5/lb. Opportunities to volunteer for sorting can be found on their Eventbrite page, signing up for a 2-hour volunteer slot guarantees you the last 30 minutes of your time slot to shop for fabric. To learn more about Fabscrap click here

2. H&M

     You can go to any H&M store location and bring anything - from fabric yardage & blankets to old t-shirts and underwear. In return for bringing these items in, you'll receive 15% off your next purchase.

     Return one of their empty beauty products (lip gloss, foundation bottle, etc.) or any textile (any brand is welcome) and receive 10% your next purchase.

     Return any old clothing items and receive $5 off a pair of AEO jeans.

If you have some items of value here are a few alternatives to go to to earn money:

     Beacon's Closet is a New York City staple for buying and selling brand-name clothing items. But did you know that on top of bringing clothes into the store that you can also mail in your clothing items in exchange for cash or store credit? Simply send in photos of your items and if they are accepted, you can mail your items to their location in Brooklyn.

     Also a New York staple for buying and selling vintage clothing, Buffalo Exchange has over 30 locations across the U.S. They do not stipulate name-brand labels but do require clothing to be in excellent condition.

     Another alternative for selling name-brand clothing is Plato's Closet. Located all across the United States, they are looking for younger clothing brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Levi's, and PINK.

Click on any one of the links above to learn more, and remember to only keep what sparks joy for you!


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