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4th Of July

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Happy 4th of July!

This year I found the perfect designer fabric at Mood. The colors and stripes alone would make this a great celebratory outfit. What I loved was the varying thicknesses and complexity of this striped fabric. It is unlike anything I've come across.

The pattern I chose was to make McCall's #M7894 (again) this time in View A. I made this pattern previously for the New York Botanical Garden: Orchid Nights, which you can find here.

I chose this pattern because of the complexity of the style lines in the skirt. I wanted to be able to encompass the different stripe patterns and colors to the best of my ability. Making a maxi skirt would have been challenging with this cotton poplin fabric. It doesn't drape as well as suggested for the skirt. But I thought it turned out great.

I had put a survey on my Instagram page on whether or not to add the sleeves. I think it would have highlighted the stripes even more and could have elevated the dress. However, some thought it would have looked too busy and bulky. What do you think?

(I made this dress all the way back in March. Hence the green nails).

Ultimately I love how this dress turned out. Check it out:


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