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Custom-Made 100% Cotton Children Face Masks

Custom-Made 100% Cotton Children Face Masks



**If you do not see the color/ pattern you would like, please see the Made-To-Order Custom Face Mask Listing. You may choose up to two fabrics, please specify if you need a child size: (1) 3-6 years or (2) 7-12 years.

Child face mask with filter pocket and removable wire pipe cleaner insert for custom fit around nose.

Two Sizes available:

(1) 3-6 years  4.25" tall by 7.5" wide

(2) 7-12 years  3.75" tall by 6.75" wide

100% cotton, fully washable fabrics. User can choose to insert pipe cleaners or their own wire for custom fit. The pipe cleaners are removable for washing.

Each mask comes with two pipe cleaners inserted into the mask as well as ONE ADDITIONAL PIPE CLEANER.

Face mask comes with 12" long straps that are sewn at the ends to prevent fraying.

A slit at the side allows for the user to insert an additional filter for added protection.

All masks will come with a matching solid color as the inside fabric.

Different fabrics allow for the user to be able to tell the inside and outside apart.

For best fit, it has been found easier to tie the top straps looser so that they can slide over the back of the head and over the top of the ears. The bottom strap should be tighter so that it stays secure.

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