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Sewing Room Tour

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

While under quarantine it has become a trending topic to showcase your sewing spaces. So today I want to show you mine.

I live in New York City and I currently live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Queens. I am very lucky to be able to use one of those rooms as my sewing room. While it is not large, it can hold almost all of my sewing tools and supplies.

In my sewing room I have two tables from Ikea that I keep my sewing machines on. I use the Linnmon table and Alex drawer set. I like that these tables come with the option to add or remove the table legs, which are purchased separately.

The sewing machines that I currently use are the Janome Heavy Duty HD1000 as my everyday machine, a Janome Computerized Machine #8050, and I still have my first sewing machine that my grandparents bought me for me, a Janome #3125 (now branded as a Hello Kitty machine). I have two sergers as well. One is a Singer machine (U344B/ 354B) that was passed down to me by my grandma, and the other is a Siruba (HSO-747D). Since I have two sergers I am able to keep one with black thread and one with white thread, therefore I hardly ever change out my thread colors.

Above my sewing table I have two Ikea Skådis pegboards with optional attachments. I especially love the containers with lids and use mine to store everything from clips to buttons and my labels. I also keep my fabric and paper scissors hanging on the board and keep them separated by hooks.

Along my wall I have an ironing board that I purchased from Target. I keep it open and ready to use at all times. I also store my muslin fabrics and interfacing on the shelf below. The tailors ham was passed down to me by my grandma but the sleeve and chest board was recently purchased from Amazon.

I love my Hamilton Beach Nonstick Iron the most because of its retractable cable cord. I only have 1 outlet in my sewing room and its on the opposite side of the room. So I need to stretch my cord out across the floor, but I like to keep it retracted when its not in use. I have used this iron for several years and it has proven its worth.

Next to the door I have an Ikea Rigga clothing rack with Bumerang wooden hangers in white. While I like that the rack fits perfectly in the space that I have, I would like to upgrade to a sturdier rack at some point.

On the wall above my rack I have a Simplicity vintage Little Black Dress poster. On the other wall I have vintage McCalls Magazine editorial photoshoot from September 1957 that I found while thrifting. I also have a Simplicity 'After-Five Fashion' poster and a few Simplicity Vintage Canvases (1 and 2).

I have a 3-tier rolling cart in rose gold that I purchased from Zulily, but can also be found at stores like Michaels. On the top I keep my Simplicity Vintage Sewing Planner, a small notebook, and a Fashionary sketchbook.

Next to the cart I have a 6-drawer dresser from Walmart which holds all of my sewing patterns. While it may look messy, I keep all of my patterns digitally organized on Trello. It is so easy to scan through all the patterns I have, and it is especially useful when I am out shopping for fabric and I need to remember how many yards I need for my project.

Vintage patterns are kept in storage bins underneath my clothing rack. These are kept separate as many of them are fragile and falling apart.

Speaking of bins. I keep two bins of fabric underneath my sewing table. The clear bins were purchased from Target and these hold all of my lining fabrics. And above my doorway I have a shelf holding three more clear bins full of my fashion fabrics. But that's not all the fabrics I have.

In the master bedroom I have an Ikea Kallax cube system that holds the majority of my fabrics. While I try my best to use what I have, it has become increasingly hard since I picked up sewing again. Every time I go home my parents are trying to get me to take the fabric that I have stored at their house. And living in New York City means that I have access to so many fabric stores in and around the Garment District. And don't get me started on online fabric shopping.... Mood, Minerva, and Lamazi Fabrics are my go-to.

To cut out the fabrics I have, I used to cut on the hardwood floors. However, we have since purchased an Ikea Ingatorp expandable table that I can use. When it is pulled out, it can hold 2 yards of fabric, and wide enough to hold the fabric folded in half. In the dining room I also have my two dress forms that I purchased from The Shop Company. They both have collapsible shoulders which is a must. The size 8 model was purchased second hand a few years ago. And my newest mannequin is a model that just came out last year, with two detachable arms as well, a must buy!

If you still want to see more, check out my new YouTube channel and look up 'ElinEstelle Sewing Room Tour'

And be sure to check out my Ebay page to see what Vintage Patterns I have for sale

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