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Sew-Along: Vogue #V9136

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

When I saw this fabric at JoAnn's I decided to step out of my comfort zone and purchase this Sportswear Boucle Acrylic Fabric in black, ivory, and gold plaid.

The striking color and texture of this fabric is what really drew me in. Yellow is not one of my most flattering colors, but just the hint of the gold is enough to start incorporating it into my wardrobe!

For the pattern I decided to use Very Easy Vogue V9136 which is now out of print. The simplicity of the pattern was what sold it for me. There is a back yoke and front patch pockets, but besides that, not a lot of pattern matching needs to be done. Which means, that the large plaid print can really shine! No need to cut it up into a bunch of little pieces.

Watch my sew-along on YouTube to see how I matched up the fabric pattern, and how I fully lined the jacket.


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