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Sew-Along: Vogue #V1697

Spring in Florida means a new dress, right? Attending a gala in West Palm Beach, I knew I needed a dress to impress. I found this beautiful John Kaldor Santa Cruz Satin Fabric from that worked perfectly! The bold red and magenta flowers really stand out against the stark white background. Not to mention the silky texture of the fabric adds a high-quality sheen.

I decided to use Vogue V1697 - a bias cut halter dress with a low cowl back and straps. This was the perfect fabric for this pattern because there is not right or wrong direction to this print. The bodice of this dress is cut straight grain but the skirt is cut on a 45 degree angle.

The fabric also pressed well which created a high-quality finish, and worked well in making the bias-cut binding for the straps. While the dress itself is pretty simple and straightforward, I made a YouTube tutorial with some tips and tricks to make your dress come out perfectly!

Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out my Minerva post!


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