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Sew-Along: McCalls #M8043 Alister

With the new rebranding of all of their patterns, McCalls is now coming out with the most fashion-forward and trendy clothing patterns. Not to mention they also added to their styles by adding names instead of just numbers.

That includes the new McCalls M8043 Alister top. This top has a deep front slit opening, an open back, midriff sash and ties, long sleeves with gathered fullness, and a tall halter neckband.

This pattern is not something that I would normally pick out for myself seeing as how exposing it is. However, I really loved the style details and decided to give it a shot. This pattern is really made for someone slender with a small bust, but with a little tucking and pinning I was able to make it work.

The top itself is comfortable and offers enough coverage. But be ware you will need to purchase a backless bra.

This pattern offers three different options. I chose to make view A with the tie at the back. Though view A and B are the same; the only difference is choosing to tie it in the back or in the front of your midriff. View C, however, offers you a different style for the neckband and waistband. You can, with the help of two extra pattern pieces, cut out more fabric to add gathering around the neck and waist.

I thought I was going to do view C, because I like how it breaks up the pattern of your fabric and adds texture. However, the fabric that I chose from my stash is a blush-pink all-over floral with a rather large scale. So adding in these gathers I felt would be too much and would distract from the pretty print.

For the sewing notions you will need nine 3/8" buttons for the cuffs of the sleeves and to close the neckband. With limited stores to choose from, luckily I had a pack of black buttons in my stash to use for this garment.

I also had interfacing to use for the front and back facing, cuffs, and neckband. While I liked having the stiffer interfacing for the cuffs and neckband, I think I would choose to use a lightweight interfacing for the front and back. Especially for a lightweight satin fabric like it. Although it pressed the fabric really nicely, it sometimes causes the fabric to stick out and doesn't contour to the body as well as I would have liked.

If you're intimidated by this trendy pattern, don't worry. I created an all new Sew-Along for you to follow step-by-step. Check out my YouTube channel to learn how to sew #AlisterMcCalls. And scroll down to see how the top turned out:


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