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Rosé Mansion

One of the latest experiences in New York City was the Rosé Mansion.

The Rosé Mansion included the chance to sip different rose wines and learn about their histories in each interactive room. There was a room with a multitude of colored stripes along the wall with different scents; a "scientific" room where you could experiment with making your own rose; and a room fit for a Queen among many others.

For this event I sewed a dress using Vogue's Anne Klein designer pattern #V1499 in the Mood Exclusive Les Femmes en PoisPink Cotton Poplin fabric.

The dress is bodice-lined only, with a center back zipper and features an added detachable self sash. I opted to make the dress sleeveless. What I really liked about the dress was the diagonal cuts of the bodice, adding an interesting design feature.

The venue included 10 rooms of different rose tastings, backgrounds, props and one great experience. I walked away with great memories and tons of great photographs. Here are a few of my favorites:


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