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Sew-Along: McCalls #M7922

When I saw this fabric from SR Harris I knew I couldn't pick just one. This stable knit fabric is a staple in the stock at the Burnsville location. With a variety of prints to choose from I decided to pick out the two most similar; two animal print fabrics.

What I love about it is the vibrancy of the print. The colors are bright and the patterns are very defined. You can view my whole fabric haul here. My idea when purchasing them was to make a dress that was split down the middle and I wanted to do something of visual interest. That's where McCalls M7922 fit the bill.

As a simple sheath dress, the pattern is split down the center front, back and at the front waist seam. So while the pattern calls for woven fabrics, this stable knit was able to work because of the fit of the dress.

In order to ensure that the knit fabric did not stretch or pucker, I used a walking foot to sew this dress. And I used a twin needle to stitch the hem and sleeves for a nice finishing touch.

You can watch my Sew-Along Tutorial Here and scroll down to see how the dress turned out:


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