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AMD 474: Entrepreneurship


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:


  • Identify characteristics of entrepreneurs, environmental conditions that foster entrepreneurship, and the role of entrepreneurs in the broader economy.


  • Gain understanding of the unique contributions of Human Sciences (HS) subject matter to small business and entrepreneurship and the vast scope of HS entrepreneurial career opportunities.


  • Assess motivations for starting a small business, success factors and challenges associated with independent business ownership, and identify sources of assistance for business startups.


  • Evaluate personal and financial resources needed for starting a small business, and identify funding sources that contribute to the capital base required for entrepreneurship.


  • Analyze the profitability of small businesses through analysis of standard operating ratios and cost-benefit analyses.


  • Analyze the cost/benefit of business decisions and understand the interrelatedness of personal, family, and business issues for entrepreneurs.


  • Recognize special issues impacting independently owned businesses: challenges in rural communities, family business and business succession, home-based business growth, the application of technology in small business contexts, and the impact of women and other minority groups on small business growth and development.


  • Develop and present a comprehensive proposal for a new or enhanced existing business.


  • Students will research and analyze markets, location, competition, customer base, formats, marketing and competitive strategies, funding sources, start-up costs, and conduct a breakeven analysis for a selected business.


  • Demonstrate understanding of innovative marketing and competitive options for small businesses, such as guerilla marketing, offering distinctive products, services and experiences, and integration of multi-channel distribution and marketing strategies.


Niehm, L. (Spring 2015).  AESHM 474: entrepreneurship in human sciences syllabus. [Class handout]. Department of Human Sciences, Iowa State University, Ames, IA. 

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