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AMD 325: Draping


Course Objectives:


1. Develop three-dimensional design ideas through draping of muslin on a body form.


2. Evaluation of existing garments and/or sketches to determine appropriate draping techniques needed to develop design.


3. Develop sensitivity for fabric characteristics in order to recognize the possibilities and limitations of different textures for garment design.


4. Develop a means for creative expression through the acquisition of skills needed to drape and produce original garment designs.


5. Construct and use proper techniques to construct apparel first and production sample garments from draped muslin patterns.


6. Use suitable hand construction and sewing techniques in assembling representative samples.


7. Practice fit alteration and fitting techniques.


8. Create presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and effective visual and oral communication to present garment designs, spec sheets, cost sheet, and other tech pack info.


9. Critique their own work and that of peers to evaluate correct methods and identify ways to strengthen future work.


Denekas, C. (Spring 2015). AMD 325: patternmaking II syllabus. [Class handout]. Department of Human Sciences, Iowa State University, Ames, IA. 


Draping Information
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