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AMD 426: Creative Design Processes


This course will contribute to your ability to:


  • Communicate effectively with others in one-on-one, small groups, and large group situations; Demonstrate effective and professional oral and written communication and documentation and use current information technologies when communicating with individuals and groups; Effectively present design ideas for group review


  • Demonstrate critiquing techniques to facilitate necessary changes and/or modifications to your work or those of your peers in comparison to professional standards; Actively participate in group critiques and in-class demonstrations


  • Evaluate infromation based on creative processes and logical reasoning to make decisions and solve problems; Create conceptual apparel and/or accessory lines and communicate design ideas via illustration, graphic deisgn, and technical drawing


  • Work collaboratively in teams simulating an industry design studio environment; Build a design portfolio documenting best work and preparing for industry exposure


  • Improve proficency with computer programs to facilitate the design processes and visually communicate ideas


Bennett, S. (Spring 2015). AMD 426: creative design processes syllabus. [Class handout]. Department of Human Sciences, Iowa State Univeristy, Ames, IA. 

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